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It's Time

For Nature

Be a voice For Nature! Collaborate with us to recognize the Rights of Nature in your community.

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For Nature inspires and supports the establishment of national and international legislation recognizing the inherent Rights of Nature.



For Nature uses science, community empowerment, and inspiring ethical arguments to be a voice for nature, combat extinction, and lead high-impact conservation initiatives that protect endangered species, preserve threatened habitats, and advance and implement the Rights of Nature legally around the world.

We have three primary goals:

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Conduct and fund SCIENCE to generate the compelling data needed to propose and implement new Rights of Nature legislation

Pack of Fish

SUPPORT AND EMPOWER LOCAL LEADERS worldwide in their quests to recognize and implement the Rights of Nature


GENERATE content to be used in exemplifying and guiding the public in the advancement of the Rights of Nature.

Image by Casey Horner

Support Our Mission

Answer the Clarion Call for the Rights of Nature!

^Watch the CBS News Saturday Morning Feature on the Rights of Nature!^
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