We have three major goals:

  1. Assert the imminent threat of the sixth mass extinction and the need for drastic changes to current legal frameworks and mindsets regarding humanity’s relationship with nature.

  2. Incite international system change in the governance of our lands, air, watersheds and oceans.

  3. Build beloved community with nature and people, and collaborate with global movements to establish laws and constitutional amendments that legally recognize the rights of nature.


We have seven current demands:

  1. We request all United Nations member states to consider the biodiversity loss and resource use in their territories, to spend the resources necessary to project these losses and resource extractions into the future, and to recognize the limitations of our current trajectory as a global population; 

  2. We implore member states to respond quickly and take direct action to combat biodiversity loss and climate change within their area of jurisdiction; 

  3. We invite member states to discuss and recognize the many ways in which establishing Rights for Nature within constitutions globally will advance each one of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;

  4. We urge member states to consider how the rights of nature is a human rights, food security, and global peace issue; 

  5. We encourage all member states of the United Nations to follow the lead of Ecuador, Bolivia and global indigenous leaders in adopting the Rights for Nature into their constitutions and bylaws, for the sake of all living beings on the planet and for the inherent value of Planet Earth;

  6. We call for the submission of a Declaration of the Rights of Nature by one or more Member States to the United Nations General Assembly for its approval. 

  7. We call upon the United Nations to add a seat within the General Assembly for a representative of each of the five landscapes recognized by the United Nations: Oceans, Mountains, Forests, Drylands, and Wetlands